Are you using Microsoft Office 2007?

IMPORTANT: Office 2007 reaches the end of its support lifecycle this year, meaning there will be no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates. Customers who are using Office 2007 products and services should start planning to move to Office 365 or upgrade to supported versions of Office products and services, such as Office 2016.

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Urgent Patch Required for Windows XP, Windows 8 and Server 2003 Systems

A day after a ransomware worm infected 75,000 machines in 100 countries, Microsoft is taking the highly unusual step of issuing patches that immunise Windows XP, 8, and Server 2003. These are operating systems the company stopped supporting as many as three years ago.

The attack on Friday affected many National Health Service hospitals in the UK and up to 70,000 devices including computers, MRI scanners, blood-storage refrigerators and theatre equipment. The NHS had to turn away non-critical emergencies.

Nissan UK, one of Europe's most productive car manufacturing plants, halted production after the ransomware infected their systems.

Microsoft have issued a patch for the vulnerability to all supported versions of Windows including Vista, 7 and 8.1 in March of this year. Windows 10 was never vulnerable. 

Our clients security is something we take very seriously, if you feel that you may be vulnerable in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice
— Will Weston, Director

BE AWARE, your new laptop may be left vulnerable!

Getting a new computer this Christmas? You may not be aware a lot of the software is only a trial and will expire after 30 days, 6 months or 12 months. The AntiVirus software on your laptop is one of the most important programs on it. 

We can assess any current AntiVirus programs on your new laptop and let you know when it will run out. Expired AntiVirus programs are the main course of viruses and can easily be prevented.

We offer AVG Antivirus for £28.80 (Inc VAT) annually for the first computer. Any additional computers are £14.40 (Inc VAT) per computer. 

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Has your computer upgraded itself to Windows 10?

Has your PC upgraded itself to Windows 10?



Microsoft has launched the final push in its nine-and-a-half-month upgrade offensive against consumers and businesses running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Last week, Microsoft switched the automatically-offered Windows 10 upgrade to a "Recommended" download that in turn scheduled the upgrade process unless the user interfered.

Windows 10 is now being advertised as a  'Recommended' update for Windows 7 and 8.1 customers whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates," a Microsoft spokesman said Friday in an email reply to questions.

We can help you get back to Windows 7 and also prevent the Windows 10 apprearing ever again!

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Windows 10! Reserve your upgrade

You may already know that Microsoft are releasing Windows 10 later on this year. Users already running Windows 7 or Windows 8 are eligible for a Free upgrade to Windows 10. 

If you would like to upgrade it is important that you reserve your upgrade. Look out for the small windows box on the bottom right of your screen.

As always, the team at Galaxy Computer Services are here to offer a helping hand, and can handle the whole upgrade for you it you like. We will be offering a Windows 10 upgrade service that will give you total piece of mind. We will offer upgrade advice and deal with any problems that may occur. Please call our support hotline on 01948 665855 or pop into the shop for more information.

We will be fully recommending Windows 10 to all of our users. Windows 10 is set to be a worthwhile upgrade, far better than Windows 8/8.1. Pop in to our shop to see a Demo today!
— Will Weston

Galaxy Computer Services Awarded Contract With Shropshire Homes Ltd

We are please to announce that we have been awarded the contract to supply Satellite Broadband to a local building firm, Shropshire Homes Limited. Galaxy Computer Services is rolling out Satellite Broadband to building sites across the west midlands. 

With many building sites in rural areas, broadband connectivity for the site management team was a real problem. As BT installations took months on end to connect sites and Mobile Broadband was not sufficient, Shropshire Homes looked to us for help. We are now rolling out Satellite Broadband services across the many sites that Shropshire Homes are situated at. We offer a service that gives a stable internet connection and up to 20Mbps download. This allows the site managers to access head office systems and with our help also allows the use of VoIP (Internet Telephone) services. We hope this will be the start of a long lasting relationship with a great local company!
— Will Weston - Director
Satellite Broadband Installation at Former Stafford Hospital for Shropshire Homes Limited

Satellite Broadband Installation at Former Stafford Hospital for Shropshire Homes Limited

Satellite Modem and Draytek Business WiFi Router inside Site Office cabin

Satellite Modem and Draytek Business WiFi Router inside Site Office cabin





MOT Testing Station Modernisation

The Government are updating the way garages carry out MOT tests. From April this year VOSA are rolling out a new web based MOT system to replace the current MOT Computer and other devices.

Garages will need to ensure they have the right computer equipment and Internet connection in place before April this year. We can help any garages in the local area by giving them advice on equipment from tablets to desktop computers. We can also help with installing broadband connections and also Satellite Internet Installations if they are in remote locations.
— Will Weston - Director

Do you know anyone who runs or works at a garage that offers MOT testing? We can offer assistance to garages to help them get the right equipment in place and make the changeover as smooth as possible. Call us on: 01948 665855 or email:

Only a small window until GameOver Zeus may raise its ugly head again.....Take some easy steps to stay protected!

Take the right approach to security and take a look at the following information from AVG:


AVG is the online security company providing leading software and services to secure devices, data and people. AVG has over 187 million active users, as of March 31, 2014, using AVG´s products and services including Internet security, performance optimization, and personal privacy and identity protection. By choosing AVG´s products, users become part of a trusted global community that engages directly with AVG to provide feedback and offer mutual support to other customers.

Here at Galaxy Computer Services we hold AVG Silver Partner Status, we provide, support and maintain our customers security for them. Giving total peace of mind.

To have a chat about your PC security, give us a call on: 01948 665855




Delivering the best email experience on any tablet

Microsoft's Recent Blog Post on their new mail app make interesting reading

When we began working on the Mail app for Windows 8.1, we had a lot of customer feedback to consider. We also recognized that people use email today in many different ways than they have in the past, and that the email service you use can make all the difference. For us, that meant ensuring that the Mail app truly takes advantage of the service. It also led us to optimize the Mail app in Windows 8.1 for a modern mail experience—one that is efficient on mobile devices, built for touch, integrated into your whole life, and designed for the types of mail that matter most to you.


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