Galaxy Marketing

We are pleased to announce that Galaxy Computer Services are now offering an all-in-one Marketing service. Whether you require a simple yet powerful marketing platform to create beautiful and responsive campaigns or a fully managed service, Galaxy Marketing has you covered. Our platform empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns. Our platform combines a robust suite of email and SMS messaging services within a single, user friendly solution.

No Design Experience Necessary

With our drag and drop editor, it is even easier to produce captivating emails which inspire action and are mobile friendly. We have an extensive template gallery which are easily customisable to make them your own. You can personalise your emails with your contacts' details and preferences for increased engagement. Once you are happy with your design you can perform an Inbox Preview free of charge to gain 100% confidence that your work will display perfectly in your contacts' inbox.

Smart Targeting Creates Results

Using our advance search and segmentation tool you can use simple or advanced search criteria to sort, filter and segment contacts for perfectly targeted campaigns. Import your contacts into folders and lists for quick and easy organization. Our platform gives you the ability to create customised contact forms enabling you to grow your audience and capture details to connect with them on a personal level. All our account are unlimited meaning you can upload and grow your list with all the details you require without restrictions.

Understand and Optimize Your Campaigns in Real Time

Want to know how your campaign performed? With our platform you have access to all reporting for campaigns that are sent meaning you can watch live campaign results in your account. If you prefer too look at things on paper, you can generate an in-depth report and export it to either a PDF or CSV. Get a whole new look on your contacts with our Openers & Clickers World Map. See where your message gets the best engagement with geographic insights. Discover what interests your reader and which links, buttons, and images drive the most attraction with our Clickers Engagement Map. See your recipients' most used email platform and devices to optimize your campaigns.

Managed Account

With a Galaxy Marketing Managed Account, a dedicated email marketing system is setup for your company PLUS a free Galaxy Marketing email address. We then meet up to establish what you would like out of your email marketing and a 3-month plan will be setup with dates of when emails are to be broadcast.

  • Dedicated email marketing system
  • FREE Galaxy Marketing email address
  • Template designed and setup for use on all campaigns
  • Establish means of email capture within your business
  • Monthly newsletter designed and broadcast
  • 2 email adverts per month
  • Unlimited email contacts
  • 30,000 email credits per month

DIY Account

With a Galaxy Marking DIY Account, we give you access to your own email marketing software. We setup a free template for you to use for your email campaigns and guide you through the process of setting up and broadcasting a campaign. A dedicated Galaxy Marketing email address is also included in the package. 

  • Dedicated email marketing system
  • FREE Galaxy Marketing email address
  • Template designed and setup for use on all campaigns
  • Email support
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • 30,000 email credits per month



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